Ok, I’m not normally one to post a ton of rant-y things, especially about asexuality, but I feel compelled to do this. I am so sick of people saying that asexual people have no reason to speak out or don’t have any problems to face, BECAUSE HERE IS THE PROOF THAT WE DO. I understand that asexuals don’t face the same problems as LGBT people, but that does NOT mean that we don’t face problems at all. We still face opposition, there are people who don’t even believe we exist. Asexuality is something that is very real and that I personally feel is very important to who I am as a person, and to have it invalidated and erased constantly is something that I take personally. You might as well say that I myself have never existed. I am not trying to invalidate any other group’s struggles, or say that anyone’s are “better” or “worse.” I’m just saying that asexual people do have their own struggles to face and I’m so sick of people saying that they don’t. This isn’t how I usually post but I felt like this really needed to be said.